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  • What is "Italian Aperitivo"?
    It's a 16% vol. sweet bitter made of 5 individual hand-picked botanical infusions, then mixed together to create the ideal aperitif. It can be consumed alone or mixed to obtain cocktails suitable for all tastes.
  • Why is the Spritz CC not dark orange?
    The basis of our spritz is the "Italian Aperitivo" which does not contain any kind of dye or additive, this makes it clear and delicate without compromising the taste.
  • Why does Gin & Tonic CC have such a low alcohol content?
    You may not know but these are the standard proportions, 50ml of gin and 200ml of tonic water. In addition we use the best possible quality of gin , the London Dry, which is smooth without pinching the tongue. The bitterness is given by the very low quantity of sugar used in our artisanal tonic water recipe.
  • Are you looking for partnerships?
    We can customize your recipes and labels, let us know how we can help you by writing to
  • Why are we different from others?
    We only use local ingredients close to the distillery, we are transparent in every action and we respect the environment as much as possible by choosing 100% recyclable materials and from renewable sources.
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